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Creative Bits Solutions Advanced software development company founded on 2012 in Kuwait City, Kuwait working on software developments , software support and software security development, Up until today with the small period we had developed many softwares with successful results.

As an advance software company has a corporation with other company outside the limits of the country for backup plan and softwares backups to keep our customers feel much safely so he can access his software development team at any time and any where.


Software development is fully customized based on customers need, Our aim is to provide our customers with there unique softwares thats not duplicated from others softwares also a high quality source code and well documented. Some of the fields we worked on.

Online stores

  1. Selling in different fields ( Foods, Electronics, Educational kits..)
  2. Online registrations for training centers
  3. Ordering customized items

Management systems

  1. Products Management
  2. Storage Management
  3. Students Management
  4. POS Systems
  5. Apps Panels
  6. Employees management system
  7. Drivers Tracking & Management

Educational Softwares

  1. Questions banks
  2. Online tutoring and live communication
  3. Online attendance system

IOT Softwares

  1. Health system
  2. Home systems
  3. Company automated systems
  4. Machines Controlled by AI

Entertainment softwares

  1. Movie Players and selling system
  2. Audio Players and Live Streaming

Branding Softwares

  1. Landing Pages
  2. Portfolios

AI Softwares

  1. Face Recognition

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