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Frequently asked questions

  • What age range is EBot for?

    8 years – 18 years. But even the hobbyists and adults can make use of EBot

  • What are the different versions of software and development boards available?

    Two hardware versions - EBot8 and EBot4
    Two software versions - EBot Blockly and EBot Studio

  • How EBot is different from Arduino?

    EBot core is based on Arduino hardware and firmware. Graphical programing, Smartphone connectivity, Easy-Snap plastics and on board components provides more opportunity for users.

  • Is EBot limited to the existing sensors/nodes listed in the software?

    No. Node maker wizard helps to create our own node in an interactive way. Required libraries and pin configurations can also be included.

  • Can I use my smartphone to program EBot

    Yes. EBot uses a smart interpreter to get programed by a smartphone. No compilation and no downloading! Only a single play button to run the code.

  • Does EBot support modifying auto generated code?

    Yes. EBot includes a text code editor. Code can be viewed, edited and saved here.

  • Is it an open source hardware/software?

    Hardware is fully open source. EBot Blockly is free software 

  • How can I make custom parts to connect with EBot?

    Hardware is fully open source. EBot Blockly is free software

  • Is EBot compatible with Lego bricks?


  • What additional things do I need to work with EBot?

    Just an EBot with USB cable, and EBot software. Nothing else