Sun Track Project

Solar Sells provide us electrical power during the day, the solar cells generate power when sun light goes down to it, the maximum power can the solar cells generate when the sun light dropped vertically on the solar cells, so during the day the solar cells should follow the sun move to generate the maximum power all the time.
The principle of the project is the solar board rotate by using Servo motor following the light, there’s three light dependent resistors and one Ebot the LDR gives the Ebot information about the amount of the light on each, and Ebot gives the servo motor the right direction to move with the sun light.

1- Ebot.
2- Solar board.
3- Servo motor.
4- 3×LDR.
5- 5×Ebot cables.
6- 4×Lego peace’s.
7- Power Supply for Ebot.