Smart Room Project

Smart Room project controls the room by using electronics components and Sensors to measure the Physical quantity like Temperature and Light and turn them to electrical signal that Ebot can deal with.
when the Temperature is going up to 25 Celsius the project brain (Ebot) will turn on the fan for cooling the room, which is a Dc Motor connected to propeller. When the Temperature goes below 25 Celsius the fan will stop. And the same thing for light when the light goes below the minimum illumination Ebot will turn on the light bulb to illuminate the room. This project can be develop to be a smart house system which control every thing in the house like the lights, the AC, the boilers etc.
Smart room is amazing practical project for kids who want to learn robotics and technology, With Ebot Blockly kids can pass the difficulties of Programming and they will have much excite to build the room so kids will love to make their own smart room.

1- Ebot.
2- Temperature sensor.
3- Light sensor LDR.
4- 16×2 LCD Screen.
5- Relay.
6- DC Motor with Propeller.
7- Electrical bulb.
8- 5 Ebot cables.