Radar Project

Radar project helps the user to understand the concept of radar systems and Sonic waves and its reflection, with Ebot users can easily make their own radar system and test it with very wide range up to 3 meters.
The main idea of the project is the ultrasonic sensor sends a sonic waves with the speed of the sound in air which is 343 meters/second, this wave will reflect from the obstacle and it will turn back to the sensor so the sensor gives a signal to the electronic brain (Ebot) that there is an obstacle. To have a wide range of scanning we putted a servo motor under the ultrasonic sensor which rotating 180 degree and scan a wide area.

1- Ebot.
2- Ultrasonic sensor
3- Servo motor.
4- RGB strip.
5- 3 Ebot cables.
6- Power Supply for Ebot.