Electronic Piano Project

Piano project with Ebot helps the kids to be a little engineer, with the amazing Ebot Blockly application Kids can make their own electronic piano and have such amazing experience by learning programming and having fun in the same time.
Children can enjoy their time with piano by playing Music notes and by switching between the speaker and the buzzer and see the deference between electronic components, and also they can change the frequency of the tone that piano make with potentiometer and understand the meaning of the frequency.
The electronic components is much helpful and easy for the children to understand the idea of electronics in generals and get pass the traditional school learning into a technology and funny interactive learning.

1- Ebot.
2- 6 Pushbutton.
3- Potentiometer.
4- Toggle switch.
5- Speaker.
6- Buzzer.
7- 11 Ebot cables.
8- Power Supply for Ebot.