Focus Game Project

Focus game project is conventional game that we all know, with Ebot making games became easy, kids can make their own entertaining games like Focus game. The idea of the game is the player catch the reversed wire and try to pass it through the game wire without touching them together all the way to the end, the player have three chances, after the first touch the game will gives him alarm with the RGB strip and the buzzer, the Second touch will do the same, and the last touch is game over for the player. It is so entertaining for the kids and for the adults, the engineering concept is very easy and every one can make their own game.

1- Ebot.
2- Game wire.
3- Player wire.
4- RGB strip. 5- RGB LED.
6- Buzzer.
7- Button.
8- 10kΩ resistor.
9- 5 Ebot cable.
10- Power Supply for Ebot.