Focus Game Project

Focus game project is conventional game that we all know, with Ebot making games became easy, kids can make their own entertaining games like Focus game. The idea of the game is the player catch the reversed wire and try to pass it through the game wire without touching them together all the way to the end, the player have three chances, after the first touch the game will gives him alarm with the RGB strip and the buzzer, the Second touch will do the same, and the last touch is game over for the player. It is so entertaining for the kids and for the adults, the engineering concept is very easy and every one can make their own game.

1- Ebot.
2- Game wire.
3- Player wire.
4- RGB strip. 5- RGB LED.
6- Buzzer.
7- Button.
8- 10kΩ resistor.
9- 5 Ebot cable.
10- Power Supply for Ebot.

Electronic Piano Project

Piano project with Ebot helps the kids to be a little engineer, with the amazing Ebot Blockly application Kids can make their own electronic piano and have such amazing experience by learning programming and having fun in the same time.
Children can enjoy their time with piano by playing Music notes and by switching between the speaker and the buzzer and see the deference between electronic components, and also they can change the frequency of the tone that piano make with potentiometer and understand the meaning of the frequency.
The electronic components is much helpful and easy for the children to understand the idea of electronics in generals and get pass the traditional school learning into a technology and funny interactive learning.

1- Ebot.
2- 6 Pushbutton.
3- Potentiometer.
4- Toggle switch.
5- Speaker.
6- Buzzer.
7- 11 Ebot cables.
8- Power Supply for Ebot.

Radar Project

Radar project helps the user to understand the concept of radar systems and Sonic waves and its reflection, with Ebot users can easily make their own radar system and test it with very wide range up to 3 meters.
The main idea of the project is the ultrasonic sensor sends a sonic waves with the speed of the sound in air which is 343 meters/second, this wave will reflect from the obstacle and it will turn back to the sensor so the sensor gives a signal to the electronic brain (Ebot) that there is an obstacle. To have a wide range of scanning we putted a servo motor under the ultrasonic sensor which rotating 180 degree and scan a wide area.

1- Ebot.
2- Ultrasonic sensor
3- Servo motor.
4- RGB strip.
5- 3 Ebot cables.
6- Power Supply for Ebot.

Smart Room Project

Smart Room project controls the room by using electronics components and Sensors to measure the Physical quantity like Temperature and Light and turn them to electrical signal that Ebot can deal with.
when the Temperature is going up to 25 Celsius the project brain (Ebot) will turn on the fan for cooling the room, which is a Dc Motor connected to propeller. When the Temperature goes below 25 Celsius the fan will stop. And the same thing for light when the light goes below the minimum illumination Ebot will turn on the light bulb to illuminate the room. This project can be develop to be a smart house system which control every thing in the house like the lights, the AC, the boilers etc.
Smart room is amazing practical project for kids who want to learn robotics and technology, With Ebot Blockly kids can pass the difficulties of Programming and they will have much excite to build the room so kids will love to make their own smart room.

1- Ebot.
2- Temperature sensor.
3- Light sensor LDR.
4- 16×2 LCD Screen.
5- Relay.
6- DC Motor with Propeller.
7- Electrical bulb.
8- 5 Ebot cables.

Sun Track Project

Solar Sells provide us electrical power during the day, the solar cells generate power when sun light goes down to it, the maximum power can the solar cells generate when the sun light dropped vertically on the solar cells, so during the day the solar cells should follow the sun move to generate the maximum power all the time.
The principle of the project is the solar board rotate by using Servo motor following the light, there’s three light dependent resistors and one Ebot the LDR gives the Ebot information about the amount of the light on each, and Ebot gives the servo motor the right direction to move with the sun light.

1- Ebot.
2- Solar board.
3- Servo motor.
4- 3×LDR.
5- 5×Ebot cables.
6- 4×Lego peace’s.
7- Power Supply for Ebot.