About Us

Team CreativeBits, located in Kuwait, is a technology driven company that promote the use of
latest technology and innovations through product development, Home and building Automation,
supplying tools and machinery, and provide training and training materials.

Our Vision

To become a trustable resource in the field of technology and innovation to help our Nation's growth and sustainability.

Our Mission

Innovate, Educate, and provide technology and resources for all.

CreativeBits is always scanning for new opportunities since 2010. We started providing tools and training for PAAET,
one of the biggest educational organization in kuwait. since then, the company expanded the services to be consultation on
product development and innovations centers management,tools and machinery sales,product development services
(electronics design - programming (embedded/PC/smart phones),3d design ,3d printing ,smart home Automation systems,
and Professional training and training material development.


We are a group of professional engineers and educators with very well social connection and business expertise.
The company is located in Farwaniya, Kuwait which is one of the busiest business locations in kuwait.
We retain a customer return value of 88% and have direct connection for 340 school in kuwait.
We do many contracts for the government, thus, considered as a very well trusted company for any further government projects.


Our R&D department consist of Artists, designers, hardware developers, software programmers and technicians to get your job done.
We also do consultation for the management of science clubs and innovation and workshop oriented organization and companies.
We did many prototypes of electronics board, 3d molding, casing, and complete projects.
We build a software systems that helps your institution to introduce itself to the younger generation
and facilitate the process of organizing all activities such as training courses, workshops and events. This system will facilitate the registration, attendance, and evaluation processes and track complaints and suggestions.